Monday, July 9, 2012



Tips of the Day by Great Eastern

Stick to a schedule
As we all have different working hours, there's no one sleep schedule that works for everyone. But keeping your sleep schedule consistent will greatly improve your chances of sleeping soundly and feeling more rested when you wake up

Drink water
When there's enough water in your system, it helps boost your concentration and even keeps you from overeating. Try starting a healthy habit of bringing water or low calorie drinks wherever you go.

Stretch first 
A simple 5-minute stretching exercise, before and after you engage in any physical activities, will help your body warm up and help prevent unnecessary injuries

Indulge once in awhile 
A little treat now and then is always a great way to reward yourself. It's ok to give yourself a break and indulge in the food you love or treat yourself to a massage, for example.

Mix it up when exercising 
When working out, try adding more varied exercises into your routine. Avoid sticking to just one kind of workout. Incorporate strength training, cardio and stretching to make your routine good for you from head-to-toe

Take vitamins 
When you feel like you're not getting enough nutrition from your diet, don't hesitate to take some supplements, like multi-vitamins. Especially when you're feeling tired or when there's a constant change in the weather

Use safety equipment 
No matter what sports you're playing, make sure to always use the proper safety equipment. It'll help prevent you from getting injured and lets you play more of the sports you love

Make exercise interesting 
When it comes to exercising, one way to get yourself motivated is to make it more interesting. Why not try playing recreational sports to get your heart pumping while enjoying yourself at the same time? You might even make new friends while you're at it!

Take a nap 
Even if it's just 20 minutes during the day, a short nap can do wonders for your energy levels. Just make sure not to nap too close to bed time