Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Dream :)

My Dream is......................................

To have a Fashion Boutique.

Reason why, because its been a year that i played Mall World Game in facebook and i'm addicted into it. at the same time i do love fashion.. as a muslim, i know women muslim got limits coz they have to wearing hijabs and so on, but i dont think its a big problem because fashion is worldwide. You went to Africa also, u can see what their wearing is a fashion for them... he he.. so, there's no border.. please open ur mind.. every country got their own culture, style and religion. it is interesting :) 

ok, full stop there, let me share some interesting boutiques that i really2x admirer.... he he :D

see above ^ - love the wall color and the floor.. it is soooooo.. modern.

see above ^ - this one look clean and big.. so that you can see ur kids walking easily.. ha ha..

see above ^ - sophisticated and classical

see above ^ - this is what i wanted.. got chair.. haa haa

see above ^ -chair with magazine... wallaaa...

 p/s: i wish that GOD will send somebody who will sponsored me a to z and make my dream can true... :)