Friday, April 13, 2012

Matured Marie :)

This weekend hubby tak balik (last minit bgth... hmmmmm) So, In my mind rite now is, i can go to office, workin workin workin... forget bout lepakin? wats lepakin in my age? i think its past already.. its been 9 years involves with car club, group, convoy, gathering, TT or what so ever.. he he.. NO!! Focus on work n life starting from now on... i just want to balance it back.. what mistaken i've made in past, (i'll desperately have and need to settle all 'outstanding' with my friend.. sorry guys for late). I wanted to review and try to change it to make it more better, fun and unforgettable. yeah, definitely its for me only.. i had enough with all crab people who tryin to change me, to down me! its time for me to get up and push myself to get my RIGHTS!
But i will never lost contact with most of my beloved friends.. maybe once in a blue moon, i'll meeting them.. :) 

InsyaAllah.. Pray for me kawan2.. Jazakallah.